Your weaponry:

  • Kitchen Scales. You must ensure that you are weighing your foods.  When weighing things like jam or Nutella, place the tub on the scales, set it to 0 and then spoon how much you need out of the tub. You’ll be presented with a negative figure – this is how many grams you have used.
  • Bathroom scales. It’s important that you weigh yourself every morning after using the toilet, before eating or drinking anything. This allows us the most consistency.  You can then input your weight into the provided spreadsheet for my records. You must ensure you enter your weights – I can’t work with no data!
  • Mindset. Always remember your ‘why?’. If at any time you feel like cheating on your diet, your cardio or you steps, remember why you started this process. Motivation is not a valid excuse, we always have days when we are not motivated – discipline is key.
  • Preparation is key. You should always try to prepare tomorrow’s meals the night before. If you have all meals prepped for the day then you’re less likely to think ‘oh I can’t be bothered to cook that, I’ll just have this’. I cook an entire month’s worth of chicken, bag it up in portions and put it in the freezer ready to take out the night before each day.

Progress Tracking

Upon starting your journey with me, I ask that you take ‘progress photos’ so that we can compare every 4 weeks. Please ensure you take the photos in an environment that you can replicate. The lighting must be the same as well as your poses. My go to is the upstairs landing with all doors closed. I can remember exactly where I stood so makes it very easy.  You should take relaxed and tensed photos of your front, back and side.  See example.

If you wish to monitor your weight visually, ‘Happy Scale’ is a great application for this. You’ll be presented with graphs and predicted loss/gains based on your current progress.

Low Calorie Additions

The following items can aid in the success of your diet. They provide lots of benefits in taste whilst not sabotaging your diet:

  • TRKG Syrups – These are like liquid crack. There’s loads of different flavours and when added to your coffee / oats they make it taste incredible!
  • No added salt & sugar ketchup – A very low calorie condiment. Ensure you don’t use a silly amount in each meal. A 15g portion per meal is fine. No added sugar sweet chilli sauce is also very nice!
  • Diet drinks – Diet drinks are absolutely essential when dieting. They have around 1kcal in a can / portion and can help to curb hunger. Pepsi Max is the GOAT. Monster Ultra is a good way to get a caffeine boost, too –no more than one a day though.
  • Egg whites – Can’t be dealing with separating the yolks? Me neither. Asda sell liquid egg whites in small cartons. sell big tubs – I recommend buying in bulk from here as the shelf life is around 3 months.
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk – This is fine in a cup of tea with sweetener.


Supplements are not essential, but can improve your health, the way you feel and of course aid in reaching your macro targets. Here are a few that I would recommend, and use myself (USE CODE ‘MAYHEM10’ FOR 10% OFF EVERYTHING ON SMARTSUPPS):

  • Supplement Needs Sleep Stack – all natural ingredients, no stimulants. A great supplement to help you reach a deep sleep and recover to your full potential after each day of graft. Click here!
  • Supplement Needs Multivitamin Pro – ensuring you get your vitamins for the day. Click here!
  • Omega 3 – Helps with blood pressure, inflammation, joint pain etc. Click here!
  • Caffeine – for focus, drive and alertness.
  • Creatine – for speedier results in the gym. Click here!
  • Protein Powders – Whey Protein is needed to supplement your protein intake – it tastes awesome and digests easily. SmartSupps stock probably the best tasting, value for money brand, Per4M. Good luck choosing a flavour!! Click here!
  • Pre Workout – All of the pre workouts stocked at SmartSupps have insane panels. Pre Workouts aim to give you pumps and focus for your session as well as helping transportation of nutrients. MVPRE v2, Naughty Boy Menace or Supplement Needs Pre STIM+ are very very good. Click here!
  • Cortisol management – STROM SPORTS Support Max neuro is a very good product for managing stress levels! Click here!
  • Intra Workout – STROM Essential Max EAA. Click here!


Meat is measured in cooked weight. Can’t be bothered to cook, portion out, freeze your meats? Me neither. I use MyLunchboxMealPrep so all I have to do is eat it!

You can get 15% off their whole website by using my code ‘MAYHEM’ at checkout.

Click here to view the bulk buy chicken breast! Any flavour is fine on your plan.

Off Plan Meals

Unless stated, you are allowed one off plan meal per week. Replace TWO meals for that day with the off plan meal – so make sure you consume the rest – this will help you to not ‘binge’ after starving yourself all day!


Any prescribed cardio on your sheet is in addition to what you would normally do. For example if you do triathlon training 3 times per week for an hour, keep that in but add in my cardio as extra. Cardio is best performed fasted, upon wake, before eating, after a black coffee. It’s fine if you don’t have time though, you can get it in later. If cardio is above 20 mins, and you struggle to do it in one go, you can split it AM/PM.


Q: Can I have milk with my cocopops? A: No, mix your whey protein with water (200ml is usually a good amount) and pour that in as your ‘milk’.

Q: Can I have milk with my oats? A: No, no milk unless stated – use water to mix your oats. You can sweeten the taste by adding zero calorie sweetener. Alternatively, get some cream of rice as it comes flavoured! Biscoff is amazing!

Q: Can I have squash? A: Yes, a couple of glasses of sugar free squash is fine.

Q: Can I add flavouring to my meats? A: Yes, herbs and spices are absolutely fine.

Q: Do I drink the egg whites? A: No, you’re not Rocky, and you don’t want salmonella. Your meals can be created in any fashion to suit your needs. For example, if your egg meal includes a slice of bread, I would have scrambled egg on toast. If it has no bread, maybe an omelette would be better!

Q: Can I cook with oil? A: No, please use 1cal spray when cooking.


Getting bored of one of your meals? Simply copy the meal into the ‘Diet Manipulator’ sheet’s ‘OG’ area. This will give you the macros for said meal. You can now select options from the drop down list in the ‘RP’ area and play with quantities to match the macros and calories of your OG meal. Only do this for one meal per day maximum please.