Please find your free starter programme below – fully tailored to Mayhem Gym!

I recommend running this plan for a minimum of 12 weeks. Once complete, come and find me and we will discuss the next progression steps based on your goals!

The ideal would be Day 1 – Upper 1, Day 2 – Lower 1, Day 3 – Rest, Day 4 – Upper 2, Day 5 – Lower 2, Day 6 – Rest, Day 7 – Rest. But you can match this plan around your lifestyle, just do it in the order below!


Upper 1

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Pin Loaded Pec Fly412
Mid Row Machine412
Dumbbell Chest Press412
Lat Pulldown – Medium Grip412
Cable Rope Pushdowns412
Bicep Curl Machine412
Barbell Front Raise412

Lower 1

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Air Squats415
Pendulum Squat412
Plate Loaded Hip Thrust412
Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats412
Pin Loaded Leg Press412
Leg Extension412
Calf Raise Machine412

Upper 2

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Lat Pulldown – Wide Grip412
Cybex Shoulder Press Machine412
Assisted Pull Up Machine412
Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises412
Rope Cable Curls412
Tricep Pushdown Machine412
Cybex Incline Chest Press412

Lower 2

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift412
Lying Hamstring Curl412
Hip Abductor412
Hip Adductor412
Barbell Deadlift412
Dumbbell Calf Raises412