Jaydyne Overton

Jaydyne Overton

Personal Trainer

1:1 individual Personalised Training 
Nutritional Advisor
Health and Well-being focused

Train with a Champion and be one step closer to your goals!

1:1 Personal Training  – Individual personalised plans to your goals. From specific sports, weight training, and balanced health to body weighted work, HIIT training, basic stretching & mobility training. On top of this I can offer you 
Nutrition Advice – (From basics up to personalised nutrition plans) so with both I can guide you in how to better yourself through diet and nutrition & teach you how to do this so you can learn life long lessons to keep with you forever. I am also Qualified in Gymnastics Coaching & Yoga, which can be used to help mental health, injuries and mobility. I have ran my own personal training business for 4 years, working with all ages and abilities I now can’t wait to meet even more of you! 

My most current achievement would have to be, becoming UK champion and competing for Great Britain in bikini body building competitions. I have competed at a high level and by enduring this myself I have learnt so much about our bodies, nutrition, training and our minds and how we can all push ourselves to achieve.  

I see health as a whole it’s not just aesthetics as amazing as this is but it is about the whole picture, the body, the mind, and how we can better ourselves each and every day. I approach your well being and mental health alongside your nutrition and training as they all work together to create the best version of you! 

We all start somewhere now, let’s take the leap that you will not regret!