Please find your free starter programme below – fully tailored to Mayhem Gym!

I recommend logging your workouts using the app ‘Repcount’ so that you can try to progress every session. For example, if you manage 4 sets of 12 (the top of the range) with good form on Incline Plate Loaded Chest Press then you should increase the weight the next time you do it.

I recommend running this plan for a minimum of 12 weeks. Once complete, come and find me and we will discuss the next progression steps based on your goals!

Push 1 (Chest Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Incline Plate Loaded Chest Press48-12
Flat Chest Press (Cybex)48-12
Pec Dec315
Incline Dumbbell Fly38-12
Tricep Extension Machine312-15
Rope Cable Push Down38-12
Lateral Raise Machine412-15

Pull 1 (Back Width Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Lat Pulldown (Wide MAG Grip)48-12
Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown (Wide Grip)48-12
Mid Row38-12
Low Row (Narrow MAG Grip)38-12
Straight Arm Pulldown (Straight Bar)312-15
Bicep Curl Machine312-15
Dumbbell Hammer Curl312-15

Legs 1 (Hamstring Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Lying Hamstring Curl48-12
Leg Press48-12
Seated Hamstring Curl312-15
Dumbbell RDL38-12
Leg Extension312-15
Calf Raise Machine415-20

Push 2 (Shoulder Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
High Incline Press (Cybex)48-12
Plate Loaded Shoulder Press48-12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise312-15
Barbell Front Raise38-12
Reverse Pec Dec
Superset with
Assisted (if needed) Tricep Dip48-12
Single Arm Cable Pushdown (Cuff)312-15

Pull 2 (Back Thickness Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
T Bar Row (Hammer Grip)48-12
Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown (Hammer Grip)38-12
Low Row (Small MAG Grip)48-12
Lat Pulldown (Medium MAG Grip)312-15
Dumbbell Row38-12
Preacher Curl48-12
Single Arm Rope Hammer Curl312-15

Legs 2 (Quad Focused)

Exercise NameSetsRepsVideo
Leg Extension412-15
Pendulum Squat38-12
Hack Squat38-12
Seated Hamstring Curl38-12
Dumbbell Calf Raises325